Ditch the sugar, grab the granola

Mornings in our house can be manic sometimes, just like I imagine they are in most homes. Between preparing ourselves for work and helping the boys get ready for school there barley seems any time at all and although we all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day sometimes it also needs to be the quickest and that often means cereal or fruit. Earlier this year we decided to ban certain cereals on weekday mornings keeping them as weekend treats because on further inspection of the packaging these cereals were so laden with sugar that I may as well have sent the boys off to school with a candy cane and a note to pre warn the teacher that a sugar rush followed by an almighty crash was imminent and good luck teaching them, so we implemented a few changes.

At first the boys were reluctant but who can blame them I had just removed chocolate covered sugar coated balls from the menu 5 days out of 7 but they soon accepted the alternatives and looked forward to and appreciated their favourite cereals at the weekend. So with this is mind when I was contacted and asked if the boys would like to try a new granola of course I said yes.

We were sent two packets of Lizi’s adventure granola, one strawberry flavour and one banana, to try. This particular granola is lower in sugar and high in fibre so it made our weekday breakfast list as I know a bowl of that will keep them going steadily throughout the day with the right kind of energy.

As always the children were hovering around me as I was trying to take some “artistic shots” asking if they could try it for supper because they couldn’t possibly wait for breakfast, plus it meant a new excuse for postponing bedtime. I got some shots, said they could try some and as I was looking through the pictures I realised the lighting was all wrong and went to grab the cereal to re shoot, only they were half empty and had been pretty much drained by the boys (and dad).


The verdict was one full of “ummmm” and “more please” and has been followed up a week later with a request for more to be bought at shopping so I am pretty safe in saying this particular breakfast cereal has been a hit with both the children and the parents. So if you are looking for a healthier breakfast then give this a try, its priced at £3.69 for 400g and is available in all the big supermarkets. If this isn’t enough to convince your little one to try it or if granola is new to them then the fact it has been made in partnership with Bear Grylls survival academy may just catch their imagination and encourage them to eat the breakfast of explores or they might just see food and dive straight in like mine and be instantly convinced by the flavour alone. However you do it I hope you are as big a fan as we are.


(This article was written after we were gifted the cereal , all opinions are my own.)

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