Mushroom growing with Grocycle


I try and do new and engaging activities with the boys as often as I can. Activities that are fun but also have some sort of educational value, such as the Heinz tomato growing challenge. The boys and I had fun planting them and  checking on them daily but alas our desire, enthusiasm and willingness to grow food can only take us so far and once our tomatoes grew two inches they stopped and we never did produce a tomato.

But not one to be down trodden I was willing to try once again to teach the children all about growing your own food sources so when I saw an opportunity to work along side GroCycle and grow some mushrooms I decided to shake off our failure and get our hands dirty again.

The children were once again excited to be involved and we set about reading the instructions. To my absolute delight this seemed idiot proof, everything I needed was supplied in the box and I didn’t need to calculate the position of planting to create optimum sun for X amount of hours, I could quite literally pop them in the garage.


We followed the instructions and over two days we soaked the soil and re boxed it and then sprayed the box daily until voila we actually grew mushrooms! Loads of them. Great big fat things that looked delicious, I couldn’t believe it. We may be tomato growing disasters but mushrooms we have mastered and seeing the Pride in the children’s faces was brilliant.


As well as simple, straight forward, instructions that can turn any hopeless parent into a green fingered wonder in front of their children, the package also included a recipe idea to help us use these wondrous mushrooms and an activity sheet to keep the children entertained even longer.

This is such a superb idea, not only did it help my children learn about growing food it also gave them a massive feeling of achievement and pride when they saw how their produce had grown and as an added bonus I even managed to get them to try the mushrooms, a vegetable that had previously been banished from their plates for being a suspicious looking item that must be poisonous to every child in the land.

Well done gro cycle you have managed to take me from the useless mother with big ambitions to the mother that can deliver (at least this once) in just over a week. I salute you and you mushroom growing creations, we will definitely be doing this again.

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