Num Noms take over Bella Italia

A couple of weeks ago the boys and I were invited to a Num Noms event at Bella Italia. I had no idea what a num nom was but the event included pizza and ice cream so the boys (and I) were sold on the idea. It turns out that num noms are small squishy, stackable toys  that have surprise features, such as stamps and lip balms.



When we arrived at Bella Italia at Cheshire Oaks there was a mat laid out with hundreds of num noms for the children to play with but 80% of the floor was pink. I had a quick panic, I had brought my boys to a girls toy launch, an event that would be full of girls and girlie things and as much as I dream of snippets of pink in my world full of blue I haven’t yet reached the point of subjecting them to girl only events just to appease myself. I froze and waited for the “I am not a girl” protest whilst trying to think of an excuse I could feed the PR lady but before I could hatch a getaway plan, both boys were down on the mat laughing and playing. It turns out that num noms are absolutely acceptable non gender biased toys because you can stack them, race them, pretend to cook and eat them AND there is  a green one that apparently resembles the hulk – win!


During the morning the boys were invited to have their faces painted and by now there were a number of other boys at the event so mine followed suit and opted for a “very boyish” arm/leg tattoo of the green hulk like one and proudly displayed it for the whole day. They also enjoyed playing a guess the smell game and creating their own num noms using different crayons.

num nom

At about 11 am the chef brought out plates of pizza dough covered in tomato sauce and the children were invited to build their own pizza. I must admit mine couldn’t get to the table quick enough, they were so excited to get stuck in. They both heaped pepperoni and cheese all over theirs and the tiddler even added a couple of pieces of pepper. I have no idea if he knew what it was and I sure wasn’t about to point out it was one of those dreaded vegetables so left him to it. Once the pizzas had been cooked they looked amazing and I have never seen my children eat so much pizza in one sitting, normally they would share a pizza but between them they ate everything except one slice (that I may or may not have pinched). Even the random addition of peppers were devoured by the tiddler. It was so lovely to see how proud they were of their own creations and I must let them make pizzas at home soon.

num noms pizza

As if that wasn’t enough the children were then allowed to choose ice cream and toppings to finish of their lunch another huge success with my boys who opted for popping candy on top of bubble gum ice cream.

After a wonderful morning both boys were gifted a num nom surprise box to take home and although a little disappointed they didn’t have the green hulk like one inside, they were excited to discover that one had a stamp underneath  and the other a lip balm.  Needless to sat by  the time we got home both boys had a face full of pink smears and arms covered in yellow smudged stamps.

These “absolutely not just for girls” num noms toys are now on both boys Christmas lists along with the ice cream van to race them around in.


Thank you to Bella Italia and num noms for inviting us to a wonderful event.

Hannah Spannah


  1. I’m really glad that you stayed and wrote this as its nice to hear that your boys liked them. My son doesn’t have an issue with pink and loves a good lip balm so I might have to put some in his stocking at Christmas! Some more primary coloured ones might be nice to really make them more interesting for boys. Thanks for joining the #weekendblogshare

  2. What fun! Makes me wish (sort of) that The Child were still an actual child instead of twenty-five and counting! Seriously, I enjoyed this post a lot. I found you on Hannah Spannah’s lovely #weekendblogshare

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