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The A-Z of family days out North West

May 11, 2018 admin 7

There are so many wonderful family days out across the North West, some free, some more reasonable, and some expensive, and I often find myself reading various reviews before I travel more than 30 minutes to a place or purchase tickets in case I feel it’s a waste of time or money. Lets face it, their websites always make the places look great but what I want to know is the truth, the hints and […]

vango tent

Our yearly camping treat

April 16, 2018 admin 1

The first time we went camping was to North Wales with friends and despite being pretty clueless and unprepared we had a great time. Mainly because our friends looked after us, shared their equipment with us, and taught us how to cope. In my head camping was all about the basics, which to be honest was why we never went sooner, the idea of the 4 of us sharing one room was enough to make […]

Marco Pierre White in Chester

Our first trip to Marco Pierre White in Chester

April 8, 2018 admin 0

Three years ago I set myself the challenge to do 30 things before I turned 30. The list comprised of some adrenalin filled activities, new experiences and mini breaks. It also had a few quieter, relaxed, ideas on it such as enjoying a meal in a celebrity restaurant, which is how I came to dining at Marco Pierre White, Chester.   When I added this to the list I didn’t have a particular chef or […]

camping view

My first ever camping experience

April 2, 2018 admin 2

Throw back to my bucket list and the time I ticked off camping thanks to our friends letting us tag along…. Loads of my friends had been banging on about camping for years, facebook was full of pictures of everyone and their dog (literally in most cases) camping, but I always failed to see the attraction. You sleep on the floor with a thin bit of material protecting you from the elements, it’s freezing cold, […]

Planning a holiday to Utah

February 6, 2018 admin 4

Last week I admitted that sometimes, just sometimes, when I am meant to be busy writing in my office I find myself online shopping and dreaming of holidays. Well, this time I have taken it a tad further and actually spent the morning planning a holiday to Utah. Don’t worry, I haven’t actually gone as far as booking this without speaking to my husband (although I am very tempted) but instead I have compiled the […]

5 Top Tips When Buying A Family Car

November 27, 2017 admin 3

We have recently upgraded our family car, or the mum bus, as my brother lovingly nic named it in front of the children who, obviously, have kept the name. But unlike my little bro who can shop for style and speed I am a mum of boys and that means when buying a car I need to shop for size, safety and reliability. Gone are the dreams of a two seater convertible, now my dream […]

Review | Sleeping in a teepee at YHA Lake District Windermere

April 14, 2017 admin 6

During the Easter holidays we were lucky enough to be able to fit in a mini adventure to one of our favourite places, the Lake District. This in itself was enough to get the boys excited beyond belief but what I hadn’t told them was that we would be staying in a teepee, courtesy of the YHA Lake District. This I was keeping a surprise until we arrived. I have always been aware of the […]

Top tips for what to do in Barcelona

March 9, 2017 admin 2

For my mums 50th birthday my brother and I decided we wanted to treat her to something really special. So we booked a surprise weekend away, just the three of us (hoorah no kids!). After a lot of deliberation we finally agreed on Barcelona and I am so glad we did. We had the most amazing weekend, full of culture, wine and plenty of laughs. If you are planning a trip to city then here […]

youth hostel - entrance

Ambleside Youth Hostel Review

November 24, 2015 admin 3

The Youth Hostel Association got in touch with me and asked if my family and I would like to review one of their youth hostels. They said we could pick anyone  we wanted. I dismissed the idea immediately. No thanks, not for us. I’m not a snob by any stretch of the imagination but I had no intentions of taking my children to a grubby run down youth hostel full of all sorts of strange […]