The Happiest Countries To Consider Living In

July 21, 2021 admin 0

Many of us travel lovers are constantly finding new countries that make us happy. And just like everyone, we seek happiness. And although many argue that happiness is within us, no matter where we are, there are other beliefs that happiness is also a matter of geography. And evidently, some countries are happier than others and here you can rad about those that are deemed the happiest countries to consider living in. But what makes […]

Where To Find Work When You Work For Yourself?

February 24, 2021 admin 0

Working as an employee, you can get work very easy, indeed. Unless something major changes in the workplace, you never have to worry about not having anything to do and thus not having a way to make money. When you’re self-employed, it can be quite a different equation. In many cases, you have to put as much work into finding work as actually doing it, for the first few months (or longer.) But where do […]

Our Lap Land Silverstone Experience

December 14, 2020 admin 0

2020 was a year of change This year has seen the world as we know it change forever. Back in March 2020, the world ground to a halt, and effectively went into hibernation as the 1st lockdown took effect across the globe in a bid to curb the covid pandemic. Everything bar banks, essential shops, care providers closed, resulting in school children staying off school for 6 months, and parents battling the challenges of home […]

aquariums in Australia

Top 4 Aquariums In Australia

December 9, 2020 admin 0

Home to the renowned Great Barrier Reef, Australia undoubtedly is a place to visit if you are keen to explore an array of exotic creatures from under the sea! A wonderful way to meet these creatures up close and learn fascinating facts about them, is visiting one of the country’s top aquariums. Here are some of the top aquariums in Australia,   Seahorse world    Do you know much about seahorses? At Seahorse World, an […]

The Body Shop® make up – Matte Kajal Eye Liners

November 17, 2020 admin 0

As you may know I love Body Shop® products, I find them to be such great value for money and they work really well. So when I was asked to write a review of some of the Body Shop make up items for The Strawberry Fountain blog I was very excited. I was kindly sent these wonderful Kajal eyeliners to test.  I had not tried many kajal liners prior to these so I was a […]

The best Body Shop products

November 15, 2020 admin 0

What are the best Body Shop products? A list of the absolute best body shop products has got to include their famous body butters. I am yet to find a fragrance I don’t like. They are so nourishing and leave your skin feeling incredibly soft and smooth.  I get so excited when they bring a new fragrance out, so when I was sent the Virgin Mojito Body Butter I couldn’t wait to try it. Although […]

happy birthday

Unique Ways To Say, Happy Birthday!

October 30, 2020 admin 0

Giving birthday wishes in an original or fun way can be a challenge that puts you to the test. The truly original happy birthday phrases are difficult to “invent” especially if you are not the best with words. We don’t always manage to express the affection that binds us to a loved one through words. The imagination fails and all that comes to mind is just a few words of circumstance, which convey very little […]

Amtico Belongs in the Heart of Your Home

October 15, 2020 admin 0

It’s where you start your day and it’s where you talk about how your day went over dinner and a glass of wine. Your kitchen is the host to so many activities it’s a wondering your current flooring can keep up. Our guess is that your kitchen flooring no longer looks like new, and you would be much better off with a heavy-duty luxury vinyl flooring for your kitchen instead?   The best Amtico stockists […]

I’ve Left Your Website. Here’s Why!

October 15, 2020 admin 0

First off, let’s say that your business is awesome. It’s took a lot of work, gotten through hard times and survived to become a reputable and trusted business to your clients.   So why is your business not attracting more clients through online avenues?   Well it may not be just one thing. It could be a multitude of things compiled together that makes someone online hit that back button upon finding your website. Granted, […]

How to Give Your Home The Personal Touch

October 14, 2020 admin 0

We tend to think of our homes in two separate terms: the functionality and the aesthetics. The functionality is what ensures that it has everything we need to live well. The aesthetics are what makes sure that it looks the part, and that it’s in line with modern standards. But there’s another element, too — the personal side. While every home will become personal to the homeowner if they live in it for long enough, […]