8 Plum Recipes For You To Try

If you have a plum tree, have visited a pick your own fruit orchard and brought home some juicy plums or have bought an excess of plums at the store and need to use them up before they go off then why not try one of these   8 tried and tested plum recipes.   1.Plum Compote How about using Daisies & Pie’s  plum compote recipe and then serving it with some tasty Greek Yogurt as part […]

Spiced Pear Tarte Tatin

If you are looking for that show stopping pudding recipe then check out this Tarte Tatin that serves 6-8. It is sure to leave your guests impressed, full and happy (and if you are still looking for a starter then check out our tomato and roasted red pepper soup). INGREDIENTS 3 pears (we love Williams pears if you can get your hands on them) 80g salted butter, plus more for brushing 120g caster sugar ½ […]

tomato ans roasted red pepper soup

Tomato and Roasted Red Pepper Soup

The boys have been busy in the kitchen with our food processor today and have created a lovely tomato and roasted red pepper soup to warm us all up on this cold winters day. It was absolutely delicious and full of goodness.  If you would like to make this delicious and healthy tomato and roasted red pepper soup yourself  then here is the recipe you will need to follow. It is slimming world and C9 […]