The Benefits of Sports in Schools

June 14, 2021 admin 0

Both extracurricular activities and sports are ways of getting the blood pumping, enticing students and promoting a level of healthy exercise for children. It has a multitude of benefits that aids both their wellbeing and their academic progress. In this guide from a preschool in New York, we take a look at the key benefits sports brings to schoolchildren and the reasons why teachers and parents encourage their children to take part. Boosts their health […]


How to Raise an Optimistic Child

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When we’re young we tend to be surrounded by a lot of different thoughts, feelings and expressions that we begin to learn more about as we grow older. It’s a way we develop our personalities when we’re younger that often shapes the way we are. It can however come with its consequences if a child is motivated by negative thoughts and an environment that brings low moods.   You can guide your child through optimism […]

internet safety

Teaching Your Child About Internet Safety

June 14, 2021 admin 1

The internet is a vast place, and equally as useful to our children as it is to the majority of adults for the huge number of benefits. In actuality, the internet can be an entirely safe experience if you’re fully equipped with how to be safe and secure. With this guide from this private school in Kent, we take a look at how you should show your child about safety online. Show them ways scammers […]

5 reasons why you should try reusable nappies today

June 13, 2021 admin 0

If, like us, you have recently had a baby then you may be looking into all the different baby paraphernalia that you may and may not need. Frantically reading reviews of products and different brands and working out which ones are worth the money and which ones are not. In your search to get everything right for your family you may be debating whether or not you should try reusable nappies or go with disposable […]

Should I Encourage my Child to Learn an Instrument

May 19, 2021 admin 0

Music is one of the most powerful tools and sources of pleasure that you can introduce to your child. Children who study an instrument are proven to have a greater brain capacity than others and apart from that, there’s the element of relaxation which music brings.   Anxiety, stress, and depression are all reduced through exposure to music so if you possibly can, yes, you should encourage your child to learn an instrument. This nursery […]

a resilient child

How to Raise a Resilient Child

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We all want our children to be happy and part of achieving happiness is the ability to be resilient. Resilience means that children (or adults) can bounce back from setbacks, it means that they can stand back up again after failure or disappointment. Lacking resilience makes for a difficult ride in many areas. Here are some helpful ideas that you can implement to help you raise a resilient child which will be particularly useful as […]

gcse grading system

A Parent’s Guide to GCSE’s

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Whether you remember O Levels or CSE’s or not, it’s important, as a parent that you understand the GCSE system including the new GCSE grading system so that you are in with the best chance of helping your child as they navigate the system.   How does the new GCSE grading system work? GCSEs were first introduced in the late 80s as a more child-focused way of assessment. O Levels were based solely on examinations […]

5 Screen-Free Activities to Explore With Your Child

May 18, 2021 admin 0

Screen-time is a contentious issue for sure. With teenagers in particular spending more time than ever online, the best time to begin exploring screen-free activities with your children is when they are still small. This private prep school believes that all children are innately curious and so most kids will love the opportunity to learn new games and activities and to have some fun! Remember, it’s never too late to make a change! So if […]

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Simple Tips To Boost Your Child’s Health And Wellbeing

May 17, 2021 admin 0

As a parent, there’s nothing more important than making sure your child is happy, healthy and safe. From that magical moment when you hold your tiny bundle in your arms for the first time, your primary objective is to look after that child. In this guide, we’ll explore some simple ways you can boost your child’s health and wellbeing at home.    Exercise Exercise is beneficial for children and adults and it should form part […]

3 Easy Ways To Help Kids Learn Organization

May 12, 2021 admin 0

While none of us expect our children to be the best administrators, it can be healthy to help kids learn life skills through natural means without forcing them to artificially. For instance, this is why many parents enjoy sending their child to an afterschool practice of some kind, in order to foster teamwork, creativity, or to simply help them build confidence.   But what if you wanted to help them get started even earlier than […]