environmentally conscious

How To Raise An Environmentally Conscious Child

The natural environment is under threat, and as we know, there’s lots that we could be doing to help. From small changes like taking your own carrier bags to the supermarket to cutting down on a few car journeys a week, we can all make a big difference if we work together and become more environmentally conscious.   It’s just as much of a responsibility to impart this knowledge on to your child as they […]

Helping Your Child Become More Independent

As your child gets older, they will need to become less reliant on you and be able to take care of things for themselves. Things like cleaning, remembering important dates and getting dressed as well as many others. Practice can help them to get used to them and become more independent. We have teamed up with an independent school in Kingston upon Thames to share how you can help your child to become more independent. […]

Supporting Your Child with their Mental Health

Mental health concerns a person’s emotional wellbeing and is just as important as physical health. We all have it, although some are more vulnerable to their emotions than others. For those suffering with poor mental health, events may seem so overwhelming that it stops them from living their normal day to day life in the same capacity as they did when their mental health was better. For children, they may start to withdraw, not want […]

study space

Setting Up the Perfect Study Space for Your Child

Ensuring your child has a dedicated space in your home to complete their schoolwork and exam revision will help motivate them and allow them to concentrate better. This private school in North London have put together the following advice to help you set up the ideal study space.   Ensure the Space Free From Distractions First and foremost, the study space needs to be set up in an environment that is quiet and free from […]

The Benefits of Arts & Crafts for Young Children

There are many reasons why children should explore their creative side through activities such as arts and crafts, which is why most schools offer artistic programmes for their students to pursue. This nursery in Wandsworth, for example, provides an expressive arts and design educational programme to support their students’ curiosity, exploration, and play. Here are some of the other reasons why arts and crafts are beneficial for young children.   Enhances Confidence & Self-Esteem When […]

ks2 sats papers

Where to find KS2 SATS papers

The key stage 2 Sats exams usually take place in year 6 of primary school. These exam scores are then compared to the year 2 sats papers to help measure the educational distance travelled for each student. The results do two things, they help identify the child’s academic ability before they head to high school as well as giving an overall picture of the attainment of the school to highlight any issues that may have […]

learn modern languages

3 Reasons It’s Useful To Learn More Languages

Have you ever watched a bilingual person switch between two languages and thought to yourself “I wish I could do that?”. This is how many of us feel when we see the confidence with which someone moves between languages, especially if there are more than two in play. It can be easy to think that they have some special gift, but often these people are no more intelligent than you or I – they’ve just […]

critical thinking

Helping Your Child Develop their Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking is all about identifying and analysing information, compared with existing knowledge, in order to understand connections between facts and ideas and come up with rational conclusions. While this sounds quite complex, it’s actually something we do each and every day when we make decisions or come up with solutions. With that said, it’s important for children to develop their critical thinking skills from a young age. I have teamed up with a private […]

why is reading so important

Why is Reading so Important for Children?

Learning to read is one of the most important life skills your child can develop. It is something they will start to explore when they start school or nursery, but parents can also help at home. There are many benefits to regular reading, as discussed below by an independent school in London.   Improves Written and Verbal Communication Skills One great advantage of reading is that it exposes children to new words that they might […]

helping your child develop their vocabulary

Helping Your Child Develop their Vocabulary

Building a robust vocabulary is important for your child’s overall development, particularly where their written and verbal communication is concerned. Fortunately for parents, there are lots of ways you can help your child learn new words. Here are some suggestions from a nursery in North London.   Repeated Exposure If your child comes across a new word, they will need to be exposed to it several times before it becomes memorable to them. So, if […]