what to do with old clothes

What To Do With Old Clothes

February 3, 2018 admin 1

In January I had a big clear out of the boys old clothes and as part of my year of giving I donated them all to our local community hub where they give to families in need. This was the first time I had donated clothes in this way, previously I would tip them or take them to a charity shop and it got me thinking. So I asked some fellow bloggers for advice on […]

my year of giving

My Year of giving – January

January 31, 2018 admin 1

At the start of this year I decided not to make any resolutions as such but instead to give what I could when I could to help others and embark on #myyearofgiving. I also decided to document some of the things that I do throughout the year, not to brag or fish for compliments but to show people ways they can make a difference and to encourage more people to do the same.   During […]

How a random act of kindness eased our grief

January 29, 2018 admin 1

We often talk about carrying out random acts of kindness (RAOK) and how we can use these to help others. Lots of people like to share what they did with the world through social media and discuss how it made them feel but we don’t always get to hear from the people who received those acts, so this year as well as taking part in my year of giving and completing some RAOK of my […]

my year of giving

My Year of Giving

January 4, 2018 admin 2

Usually I, like the majority of the UK, make a dozen unrealistic New Years resolutions and then, again like most people, I ditch them all by February and go back to being a cheese eating, wine drinking couch potato, so this year I’m not bothering. Instead I have decided to commit to a year of giving. Giving money, giving my time, giving advice. This isn’t something I decided on a whim but have in fact […]