Running End To End | 874 Miles in A Year | 12 Months In

So this is it. The last instalment of our Lands End to John O’Groats virtual running challenge that we started on January 1st 2021, where we set ourselves the goal of running 874 miles in one year. I am ridiculously pleased to able to say we did it. We ran every single one of those miles before the year ended finishing with a 6 mile run on 18th December. To say it was a hard […]

Running End To End | 874 Miles in A Year | 11 Months In

Wow, I really can’t believe I am writing the November update. Part of me can’t believe we are already in December and the other half can’t believe I actually stuck with this challenge for so long! Trust me there were times when I really thought I was going to throw in the towel and call it a day. But here I am writing about how our 11th month has been completed and how with some […]

What is the Independent Pharmacy?

This week I have been introduced to the Independent Pharmacy and I have no idea if I am late to the party with this one or, if like me, not everyone has heard of it, so I thought I’d share it with you as I was pretty impressed with the whole concept.   What is the Independent Pharmacy? The Independent Pharmacy is an online resource where individuals over the age of 18 can access medical […]

christmas table gifts

Christmas Table Gifts For Children

One of our family traditions, that my mum started many years ago, is that the host puts a Christmas table gift at each place setting at dinner. These gifts are no meant to be anything too expensive or showy just a nice token gift that we all open together. Since my husband and I started hosting Christmas dinner a couple of years a go it is a tradition that we have continued to do and […]

Running End To End | 874 Miles in A Year | 9 Months In

My mum and I have just completed our ninth month of the virtual Lands End To John O’Groats running challenge. We started this on January 1st and had no idea how well we would do or if in fact we would actually complete in in time. Nine months in we are both super proud of our achievements so far, however, it is safe to say we still have no idea if we will actually complete […]

Running End To End | 874 Miles In A Year | Eight Months In

Eight months in. Wow I can’t actually believe that we are eight months into the year or that we have actually stuck with the running for eight solid months now! August has been jam packed with summer holiday fun. We went been down South and then all the way up North to Scotland, not quite Lands End to John O’Groats but it certainly felt like it.   It terms of running, August has been  another […]


Running End To End | 874 Miles In A Year | Seven Months In

That’s another month completed, another month closer to the deadline and more miles ticked off the score card. Out of the 874 miles we have ow completed a whopping 534.58 miles leaving us 339.42 miles to completed by December 31st, which I feel is totally doable at the moment. This means that in July we ran a total of 54 miles. We still aren’t back to running anywhere near the 100 miles in a month […]

Looking back on our best and worst parenting decision

Separating the boys bedrooms was the best parenting decision we ever made. Or perhaps it was more that letting them share a room in the first place was the worst parenting decision we ever made, I’m not sure which. Either way the recent bedroom makeovers have created a much more peaceful bedtime routine. and the tiddler, who turns into something resembling the hulk when he doesn’t get enough sleep, is starting to return to his […]


Running End To End | 874 Miles In A Year | Six Months In

I can not believe that we are now half way through the year. Which, in turn, means half way though the Lands End to John O’Groats running challenge time wise. Thankfully we are more than half way through the miles having now ran a total of 480. However the end still seems a long way away and 394 miles feels like an awful lot left to do.   In may I wrote about how sickness struck […]

Running End To End | 874 Miles In A Year | Five Months In

Well what a disaster May turned out to be in regards to running the Lands End to John O’Groats challenge. I can’t actually believe how bad this month has been in comparison to our previous ones.  So far we have managed to hit 100 miles or more every single month for the last four months. Come rain or shine, snow or sleet, we have pushed and pushed ourselves to hit the 100 mile mark.  May […]