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The spa at home sent me a beautiful selection of products to review for birds on the blogs which I will share on here once they have been published. Along with the products they also sent me a lovely little brochure of all the products that they sell from various brands, some I have heard of and others I haven’t. I spent ages looking through the brochure and found loads of products that I want to order so thought I would share some of my favourites that have now made my wish list with you.

The first product that had to make my wish list was the comfort decadent body butter at £32. I absolutely love body butters and this was just sounds so, well decadent I guess! I haven’t heard of Celestial before but all their products look lovely in the magazine.


The second product to catch my eye is also from the Celestial range and is a rather odd looking item that I just have to try. It’s called the textured facial chamois that hardens when it drys but instantly softens when it comes into contact with water. It looks incredibly interesting and at only £7 I think I may be ordering one of these sooner rather than later.

 StoreImageServer (2)

The third item I have added to my spa at home wish list is from the Mii range and is the mineral irresistible face base collection at £55. It contains face base, natural blush, 2 eye colours, an eye brush and a kabuki brush. Basically it would replace my whole make up bag apart from the mascara.

 StoreImageServer (3)

The fourth and by no means final item on my wish list is also from the mii range and is the Truly elegant love lashes at £9.95. They have several pairs of false eyelashes to choose from but for me these look the cutest, graceful yet still noticeable. I can’t believe that I am about to admit this but I have never actually tried false eye lashes as I normally think they look a bit Halloween esq but these look so pretty that I am tempted to give them a go.

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Have you ever tried any of the spa at home products? I would love to hear about your favourites.

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