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green people

I think I have found the perfect company, GREEN PEOPLE. Not only are they producers of gorgeous organic products but they are also the proud (and in my opinion deserving) winners of over 100 awards. If this isn’t enough to convince you they are the perfect company how about the fact they have 11 certificates including fair trade, vegetarian and vegan. They also have a range for everyone including baby, teenage, anti age and male. Still not convinced? Well here’s the clincher, they donate 10% of their net profits to charity, not many companies can say that.

When the products arrived I also received a catalogue of their products, awards, certificates and information about all their charity work and I truly was amazed, if by purchasing from green people I can some way contribute to the amazing work they do then I will certainly be making the switch.

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The products I was sent to review were the sugar scrub and the body butter. These two products go hand in hand and work so well together. They both have the same pomegranate, rosehip and coconut fragrance that lasts long after you have finished applying them.

The body scrub is smooth and gentle and you only need to use a small amount, making the product really good value for money. As well as smelling delicious and fresh I found that my skin felt instantly smoother. I then teamed this with the body butter.


The body butter is luxurious and really makes your skin feel moisturised and rehydrated. I have a patch of dry skin around my knees and the combination of the two products really has made a huge difference to the appearance of my skin. Similar to the scrub I found that I used less of this body butter than I would other, cheaper versions.

 10866959_760824584004835_792237662_n (2)

If you like indulgent, luxurious, organic products then these are definitely worth a try, and don’t forget you will also be helping charities at the same time as getting silky smooth skin – amazing!


(These opinion are my own and not influenced by anyone else. The products were kindly supplied by Green People. Originally posted on women make waves)


  1. I may have to check them out. I always find that scrubs from body shop and super drug are too rough and the butter butters suffocate my skin 🙁
    Thanks for the review. I’m checking this company out 🙂

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