Salcura – A product review

Prior to doing this review I hadn’t heard of Salcura, but I am so glad I have discovered them now and will definitely be checking out their other products.

Salcura was originally developed in the 1990’s to treat the skin conditions of those working with chemicals. More than 20 years later and they now offer a range of natural products that make a delightful and effective alternative to chemical based products.


The product I was asked to review was the new Winter Skin Warming Hand Therapy. Our hands are exposed to the elements, work, chemicals and water on a more frequent basis than other parts of the body, this is why they can often show signs of aging and distress a lot quicker. Applying a good moisturiser can keep them looking and feeling softer and healthy and I must admit a good hand cream is an essential for me and this one definitely impressed. The fact it is 99% natural origin is an added bonus.

It is a thick, creamy, indulgent moisturiser that leaves your hands feeling instantly softer and smoother with a subtle wintery fragrance. I found that when using this product a little goes along way so at £12.99 for 85ml you are getting a cream that will last. Although this is product is advertised as a hand cream I found that I wanted to use it on my feet and it really was a luxurious experience that made them feel rehydrated and soft.


I would highly recommend this product and will be sure to order a replacement when this one runs out.

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