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I love having pretty nails. As a teenager I had a box full of all sorts of colours of nail varnish and spend hours painting my nails, then taking the varnish off and starting again, just to try a different colour. Since then, and despite 15 years in catering and hospitality, I still can’t resist a pretty bottle of nail varnish when I see it. I can spend half an hour getting the perfect French tip only to realise I need to get dressed still and smudge it all before it’s dry. My inability to sit still for more than 5 minutes means that despite my desire to, I have never actually had a perfect manicure! Even before my wedding day I had to redo my manicure as I was too impatient and smudged one nail!

Imagine my delight, then, when I came across Jamberry nail wraps. These vinyl stickers are applied using heat to your nails and create a smooth finish that lasts around 2 weeks on your fingers and up to 6 on your toes! No drying time and no chipping or smudging! I signed up for a free sample and quickly got to work trying out different combinations of accent nails. I am hooked. They are super easy to apply, although to take a few applications to get a really smooth finish.

You simply clean and buff your nails, push back cuticles and apply the wraps. The wraps come in a variety of sizes, so once you have chosen your desired size (slightly smaller than your nail) you cut it in half to do two nails and remove it from the backing with a tweezer. After heating with a hairdryer you stick it to your nail, apply pressure to smooth it down, and heat it again. This activates the glue and ensures a strong bond.


There are over 300 designs to choose from, with more being added each season, and they can be applied over nail polish, gels or acrylics. There really are endless possibilities to suit every taste. I like the more simple pinks and sparkly selections but also fancy trying some of the more bold florals, patterns and prints. They even do ones for kids so I am itching to get some to try on my nieces! Each sheet costs £15 and has enough wraps to do two manicures and two pedicures plus extra accent nails and they have a permanent buy 3 get 1 free offer making each manicure cost less than £3!



Jamberry is brand new to the UK, being launched this week after massive popularity in America and Australia. It is a party plan style business. You can host a party for your friends either in home or online and get access to exclusive freebies and discounts from your independent consultant who earns money on all the sales made, or you can order directly from your consultant’s website.

For £99 you can sign up to become a consultant and earn money selling the wraps via your own personal website. The kit includes loads of samples, a heater to use instead of a hair dryer (less fiddly and more even heating) and other kit to get you started. You then get 30% commission on all sales made, and therefore 30% discount on all wraps bought! I decided to sign up to get my hands on the kit and enable to me to spread the word about what I think is going to be the next hottest trend in nail fashion in the UK.

Fancy hosting an online party for your friends and getting some free wraps from the comfort of your sofa?

Fancy earning money selling the wraps yourself?


This post was written by our guest blogger, Becky, who has written a number of posts for us. Becky covers lots of areas and has reviewed products including Treacle Moon, Time Bomb,  and the body shop.

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