Introducing Calla-Coll the collagen supplement drink


Since I reached my thirties I have started to notice lines are appearing on my face more frequently and are getting deeper, the fat around my middle is harder to shift and I generally just look and feel older. I have always taken my body and my skin for granted and although I have always used various lotions and potions I have never really read the contents too much or focused on changing certain areas, until I hit 30.

According to Calla-coll once we hit 20 our natural collagen production declines, which is why we start to get these lines and wrinkles. 20!! I never would have thought it was as young as that. Luckily, it is not too late to do something about the decreasing level of collagen in your body and for the past week I have been trying out the Calla-Coll, a high potency collagen supplement drink.


Calla-coll was created by Lynne Baker from Calla Salon who, as a beauty therapist and a qualified nurse, wanted to create something that would work from within and ease the joint pain without undergoing surgery. After extensive research and numerous trials Lynne discovered the effects that collagen could have not only on the skin as widely advertised but also on joint pain and mobility, which led to the development of Calla-coll.


I was excited to try out this product that claims to

Boost natural collagen production

Promote smoother, plumper skin,

strengthen hair and nails

reduce joint pain

increase join mobility  all by drinking only 25ml a day.

Now for some reason I was expecting the Calla-Coll to be orange and to taste horrendous but in the name of better skin I figured it would be worth it. However, I was presently surprised when I poured my first drink to see it was red and tasted like strawberries, which is obviously a win for someone who names their blog The Strawberry Fountain. It tasted delicious and was so easy to add to the daily routine that I haven’t even thought about it at all which is actually beneficial because where I would normally be looking for changes I haven’t been. So when I noticed that my nails seemed to have grown loads recently it actually took me a while to realise that it was because of my morning strawberry shot and not only have the got longer they feel stronger too.


Calla-Coll has now become part of my daily routine and as I am already seeing results in less than two weeks I will carrying on with this and seeing what other benefits come with time.





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