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Hada Labo Tokyo – Japan’s number one skincare line

hada labo

What is Hada Labo Tokyo?

Hada Labo Tokyo is one of the latest skincare lines to hit the UK and it is already proving very popular. It is Japan’s number one skincare line and was created by Rohto Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd with the intention to be effective for all skin types whilst removing all unnecessary ingredients and additives. Hada Labo Tokyo was first developed in 2004 and has since become popular across Asia, America and now the UK. One of the things that is making it so popular is the fact that it is readily available in Superdrug at affordable prices.


My review of the Hada Labo Tokyo products

For the last few weeks I have been using the Hada Labo Tokyo products. All four of the products I have been using are part of the anti-aging range and have been created using super hyalouronic acid, collagen and retinol to help improve the look of wrinkles (even the deeper ones) and tightens the skin making it appear more youthful. All four of these products are fragrance free and recommended for sensitive skin.

The day and night creams are both light weight creams that soak into the skin quickly leaving it it feeling very soft and nourished. I found that with both of these creams my skin felt soft to the touch for hours after use if I didn’t apply make up. The night ream is slightly thicker and heavy than the day cream but I would still class it as light weight. After three weeks I haven’t noticed a difference in the appearance of the wrinkles on my forehead yet but I definitely think my skin feels smoother and tighter and I will be continuing with these creams as I do think they are starting to make a difference.

The eye and mouth area cream is designed to be used both day and night. It is a thin cream, much thinner than eye creams I have previously used, and it too soaks in quickly. It targets those deep wrinkles that can form around the eyes and the mouth and after just a few weeks I have started to notice a small difference on the ones around my eyes and I will definitely be carrying on with this product too.

The anti- aging super hydration lotion is like nothing I have used before. It is similar to a serum except it is a lot thinner and more water like. You only need a tiny bit of this to cover your whole face and neck and once applied you instantly feel fresher. This product took the longest to get used to but it is actually my favourite out of the 4 I tried. It is designed to be used as many times as you like and can even be applied over your make up. It is a rejuvenating moisturiser with a lock-in moist formula. Just like the other products this too contains super Hyaluronic acid, collagen and retinol to help fight the signs of aging. If you are only going to try one of the Hada Labo products this is the one I would recommend you try first as I felt like I could feel it working and it made my skin feel brighter, tighter and refreshed.

Overall thoughts of the range?

Overall I am a huge fan of the Hada Labo Tokyo products. I am very impressed with how effective they are and how affordable they are considering they contain three of the most sought after skin care ingredients: Super Hyaluronic acid, collagen and retinol. If you are looking to try a new skin care brand then I would recommend you give this one a go.

Where can you buy the Hada Labo Tokyo produts?

You can purchase these amazing products direct from the Hado Labo website, online or in store at Superdrug or from Amazon.

(I was sent four Hada Labo Tokyo products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own).

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