Celebrate summer with Treacle Moon!

Treacle Moon are a firm favourite brand for me. Their products are refreshing, fun and they really work!

Camping-3 The lovely people at Treacle Moon sent me over two wonderful products: The Vanilla Moment Body Scrub and My Coconut Island Handwash. These smell utterly divine, as do all their products and it really is hard to remember not to eat them!

First up I used the hand wash. Now, I get really dry hands when using soap so I tend to always go for hand sanitiser or a hand wash so this is just perfect for me. It leaves your hands feeling super soft and silky and the coconut smell lasts for hours.

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“My moment of sweet calm… just to think with carefree abandon about… maybe I wont tell you she said shyly some things are not for sharing”

So true! You can completely indulge with body scrub and if used with a shower brush, you can really give your body the exfoliation and TLC is deserves. It is perfect for getting your body ready for the summer!

I love the little stories they have on the back of all their packaging. It makes you feel like they have personally written it just for your little bottle! Very good marketing.

The best thing about Treacle Moon is that it’s available at your local Tescos!

Get yourself fresh and ready for summer with Treacle Moon!

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