7 Fun and Festive Christmas Activities for the Family

Christmas is all about spending time with family. The kids are off from school, and apart from a hectic work Christmas party, life usually goes at a slower pace. This makes the festive season the perfect time to reconnect and do something fun with the ones you love.

If you’re planning to have lots of family over this Christmas, why not try one of these 7 different ideas for family activities around the festive period?

1. Visit a Christmas tree farm

Whether you’ve got an old faithful faux tree that you like to get out every year, or you couldn’t think of Christmas without the smell of fresh pine, visiting a Christmas tree farm is always a good idea.

Who knows, maybe the plastic tree will even get relegated to the dining room in favour of a real one this year…

2. Wreath-making

There’s nothing better than hanging up homemade decorations that you’ve created together as a family. And an easy bit of Christmas decor to make yourself is a festive wreath.

Take the kids outside for a brisk winter walk to gather up some pine cones and branches, before attaching your greens to a wire ring. The last step is letting the kids go crazy with festive ornaments and bright bows!

If you don’t want to do this at home then check out your local garden centre as lots of them will host wreath making classes over the festive period.

3. Christmas movie marathon

An oldie but a goodie. Revisit the Christmas movies of your childhood with a Christmas movie marathon. Cuddle up with some hot chocolates and caramel popcorn, and head to Netflix for their festive film selection. What will it be today? Home Alone? The Grinch? Elf?

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4. Deck the halls!

Asking your kids to help decorate the inside (and the outside!) of the house will help them play a big part in this year’s family Christmas. So get the box of decorations down from the loft, put on your playlist of favourite festive tunes, and deck the halls with everything from fun reindeer lights to nutcracker ornaments!

And don’t forget the Christmas projector and inflatable Santa!

5. Decorate a gingerbread house

The only thing better than crafts, is crafts that you can eat later, too. Baking and decorating a gingerbread house is a great festive activity for families of all ages – who says you’re too old to get your fingers sticky with icing sugar and delicious candies?

6. Write letters to Santa

Encourage your kids to use their creativity by writing letters to Santa with everything on their wish list this year. If your kids are too young to write, they can draw illustrations to convey exactly what Xbox they’re hoping to find under the tree.

Just remember, get your letters in by December 8th so Santa can receive them in the North Pole!

7. Bake Christmas cookies

Baking Christmas cookies might be reminiscent of your own childhood at Christmastime. Bring back that sweet taste of festive nostalgia, with an even sweeter batch of festive treats…

Reconnect with your family and spend more time with your loved ones with these 7 great ideas for family activities around the festive period.

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