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I think I have found the perfect gift, bespoke print jewellery from Bella and Bow. I was sent a gorgeous key ring with the handprints of my two boys on, however they offer a full range of handmade, personalised print jewellery using foot prints, fingerprints and even paw prints! You can also choose from a selection of pieces including necklaces, charms and cufflinks all made from sterling silver.

Bella and Bow was set up by Kelly and Fiona, two working mums who wanted to create a company that offered “a range of unique, handcrafted and individually sourced gifts that would bring a smile to every customer” and they have succeeded in doing just that. These items would be a touching gift for any mum or grandmother this mothers day, an item that they can cherish for ever.

Most mothers will agree that a handmade gift from a child is worth more than something shop bought, especially when you can see how proud your child is of their item and the joy they get from watching you open it beaming at them whilst politely enquiring as to what it is. This gift captures both the ability to involve the child in making the gift but also the opportunity to spoil someone you love with exquisite jewellery that they will be proud to show off.

We received the pack within a few days of ordering and I was surprised at how easy the instructions were to follow.


My five year old was very excited and wanted to go first, we wiped the inked paper over his hand and asked him to put his hand on the paper and then lift it up. Easy, no mess, no fuss and a beautiful clear hand print.

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Then it was my two year olds turn, not as easy as he wanted to do it on his own but luckily you get a piece of a4 paper per child so you can take as many prints as you can fit on the page, then just mark the one you like the best. Simple, quick and easy we then put it all back in the envelope and posted it back.


I got a message from Bella and Bow telling me they had received the prints and then another message saying it had been sent. The customer service I received was second to none, friendly informative and quick to respond to any questions I had. About a week later a package arrived, I opened it I was surprised to find such a beautifully presented gift.


Once opened the key ring was everything I had hoped it would be and more, stunning with clear hand prints and the names of my children on one side and our chosen message “made with love 29.01.15” on the other. You can choose any message from a simple happy mother’s day to something more personal and private.

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I think that a voucher for Bella and Bow would make a lovely Baby shower gift.


(The opinions expressed in this review are my own and not influenced by anyone else. The item was kindly given by Bella and Bow).

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