My syn free love affair with little’s

I never used to drink coffee and then I had kids, one of which NEVER seemed to sleep and so my relationship with coffee started to develop. A few years later I became a teacher and then my relationship with coffee grew into a full blown love affair and now coffee is fast becoming my one true love.


It’s always there when I need it, it never judges me, and well, basically helps me to adult in my adult life. I can enjoy it at any time of day, with milk, without, in my pajamas in the bath, it doesn’t care, it doesn’t judge, it just helps me out, wakes me up, and tells me to focus on the task in hand. As my love affair has blossomed I have played around with coffee, experimented with many styles, sizes, flavours and even temperatures. That’s another great thing about coffee you don’t have to be loyal or monogamous with one brand you can try as many as you like. Recently I found a new version worthy of my affections, one that tastes great and loves my figure just the way it is, no hidden sweeteners or sugars trying to make me fatter, just pure pleasure.


Little’s infused  instant coffee is the the latest object of my coffee desires and as it’s available in 12 flavours we have a lot of experimenting to do. So far I have tried the chocolate orange and the Havana rum and oh my they are delicious! My favourite is the chocolate orange but if you love rum as much as I love coffee then what a fab way to have a sneaky fix first thing in the morning as it genuinely tastes like rum.


For the slimming world followers out there who are counting syns and justifying if a cube of chocolate is more syn worthy than a slurp of wine then this is ideal as it is totally syn free, you can get your chocolate or alcohol taste fix without a single syn in sight. In fact you will feel like you are cheating on your slimming world plan because something this tasty and this indulgent should be worthy of a syn or two but no not a single syn in sight.

It’s  coffee to the rescue again so now you can literally have your chocolate fix and drink it too.

Now go and start your own love affair with little’s and tell me all about it in the comment section below.


(Little sent me coffee to sample in exchange for a review, the opinions and words are all my own).


  1. Oh my these sound amazing!! I have not tried that many flavoured coffees but the ones I have I have always enjoyed and I love the sound of Chocolate Orange

    Laura x

  2. Oh I love flavoured coffee, I keep seeing Littles range around our local shops so I need to try these. I think I’ll go for the French Vanilla one when I next shop! I love the Beanies range, very good on the calories and the Cinder Toffee is amazing! #weekendblogshare

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