A natural energy booster

As most of you will be aware I have been working with a couple of Forever living reps trying out all the different products and shouting about the best ones on here, so here is another good one for you.

Bee Pollen tablets


Sounds a bit odd I know but I’m a huge fan. Apparently they can be beneficial for a number of things but for me they have been a great energy booster. When I first started taking these I would take one in a morning but I have now worked out that if I take one mid afternoon when I usually get into a bit of a slump then this gives me a natural kick up the bum and gets me going again. Just be warned if you take it to close to bed time you might find it hard to sleep, I learnt this the hard way! Another piece of advice, follow the instructions and build up the tablets from 1/ to a whole, I thought they looked small so started with a full tablet on day 1 and ended up with a bad tummy ache as my body wasn’t use it but after building it up I am now loving the effects. I will be starting these tablets again as soon as I finish the c9 programme and they will become a staple for the new healthier lifestyle that I am trying to achieve. so if you are normally a bid afternoon napper or an energy drink guzzler then I urge you to give these a go.

For more information or to purchase some click here https://www.foreverliving.com/retail/entry/Shop.do?store=GBR&language=en&distribID=440500058801

For more about my C9 journey follow this link https://thestrawberryfountain.wordpress.com/2015/07/30/my-c9-detox-and-weight-loss-journey-days-1-3/


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